Caitlin is a NEW Mom and a self-taught cook who has been passionate about food since a young age! She recalls being six and listing everything she ate throughout the day (to make sure that a single meal or snack wasn’t skipped)! A curiosity towards the music industry, she spent many days waking up at 5AM running around the streets of NYC getting coffee and gourmet items and prepping riders for Sean “Diddy” Combs at Bad Boy Records. Her favorite part of the job was booking and sampling the hottest new restaurants and latest foods. After working under the wrath of Diddy, and traveling to 125th in Harlem for some obscure vases her instincts kicked in and she realized that FOOD was the right direction.  Caitlin than worked for The Rachael Ray Show where she was truly inspired and learned everything she possibly could about recipe planning, food prep and television production so she could launch her own series. Caitlin believes that everything is better when it’s “seasoned with love.”  She launched a series of online cooking tutorials with the hopes of inspiring people and adding some laughter to their day. Her videos gained the attention of Paula Deen and the NBC 10! Show. She worked on projects with various restaurateurs and has done social marketing campaigns for major food companies and currently corresponds for Perez Hilton’s site “”  She believes that even if you didn’t grow up with cooking in your family, you can learn how to cook every and anything!  She is always looking to support organizations such as Feeding America and No Kid Hungry, so please feel free to contact her with any events in the NYC area. All of her videos can be viewed at:!

This blog is filled with all of Caitlin’s passions – makeup, food, product reviews ❤ and a love of life XoXo

Instagram: @caitlincooks
And “Caitlin Cooks” on Facebook!

***Disclaimer:: All products featured on my page are my own personal opinions and reviews,nothing is paid or advertised unless specifically noted**


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