Holiday Scents for FREE with Grove Collaborative

Holiday scents are my absolute favorite and cleaning is…well, a chore. Using fun cleaning products actually gets me hype to be productive. Put on some music, grab a cup of coffee and I’m suddenly motivated. I was super excited to get my latest package from Grove and it’s saved me so much time avoiding the store for these extras. I hate going to ANY store this time of year! It’s pure madness. Grove is now offering their holiday pack for FREE when you Sign Up ~ this includes hand soap, dish soap, multi surface spray, kitchen towel, free shipping and a VIP trial. It really is an awesome package! You get to pick your scent, but I highly recommend the Pine and/or the Peppermint (I ended up getting one for fee and splurging on the other). They also sell a line of essential oils, candles and tons of cleaning products and tools to keep your house fresh and germ-free during these chilly months.

Happy Shopping



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