HUM Nutrition Review

Besides the grocery store, my next favorite place to shop is Sephora! I recently came across all these 5-star reviews for a product line they sell called “HUM Nutrition.” I was intrigued by their vitamins called “Red Carpet”  and the “3-Day Cleanse.”

  • Red Carpet vitamins for skin and hair. My hair is taking forever to grow! After bleaching, highlighting, flat ironing, I’ve done some serious damage. I read the other reviews for hair vitamins online, but HUM always had the best feedback. Red Carpet is a mix of black currant, sunflower seeds, vitamin E, GLA and ALA. I wanted to use it for a full month before giving an honest review. I took it daily and drank tons of water. After two weeks, I noticed a difference! My hair was thicker, shinier and grew a little bit. My skin was glowing and even, I didn’t need to use as much under eye concealer. I would highly recommend these vitamins, at $25 the price point is reasonable compared to all the stuff they try to upsell you on at certain health food stores. This has become part of my daily routine, now the only problem is that I have to buy more!!

  • 3-Day Cleanse: Honestly, I put off using this for a bit because I kept making excuses (ie: “I can’t take it today bc I’m having pizza and than what’s the point of doing a cleanse?”) I finally committed to it and decided to spend 3 days being healthy. For me that’s a big accomplishment :-) This promises a lot: flatter stomach, full body detox, clearer skin. At $12, why not?! It comes with little vitamin packs (2 between meals, 2 before…it took me a minute to figure out which were which). It contains a combo of detoxifying herbs like red clover, dandelion root, milk thistle and chorella. These all help to remove toxins from the skin and body. The “flatter me” capsule has 18 enzymes that support better digestion and eliminate bloat. In addition to taking the capsules, you should eat clean while on the program: raw foods, lean protein, avocado, coconut and avoid sugar and flours. I was eating a lot of sweets this winter and carbs, so this was very necessary to get back on track again. I wasn’t hungry doing this (best part) and I did lose 4lbs! In combination with a healthy diet and exercise this is a great addition! One thing about eating bad, you start to feel like absolute crap after doing it for too long! This cleanse made me feel like I had a fresh start again. I will be buying more this week!!

If you go to  Hum Quiz you can take a quick little quiz on the Hum Nutrition website and get a free, personalized health report. I love that they offer this!! Also, they were nice enough to provide me with a coupon code for everyone reading this!! Woohoo!! If you spend $29.95, you get $10 off your first order with the code HUM10 on Hum Nutrition What are you waiting for ladies?! Happy shopping ;-) xoxo

Carrot Cake Cupcake Smoothie

I’m so ready for spring!! I felt like a carrot cake cupcake without all the calories and baking involved. Instead, I made a fresh smoothie that’s packed with vitamins and not full of empty calories.

You’ll Need:

  • 6 carrots, chopped
  • 1 banana, chopped
  • Fresh pineapple, 3 generous slices
  • 1C whole milk (or almond, coconut, etc)
  • 1/4C quick cook steel cut oats
  • 1T flaxseed
  • 1T honey
  • 1T cinnamon
  • 1T turmeric
  • 1/2tsp vanilla extract

Make It:

Combine all ingredients in a blender and drink right away! Enjoy! Cheers to health! Xoxo

Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty creates (nearly) edible, high pigmented lipstick in bold pops of color. Their lip crayons and masks are staples in my purse. Here are my favorite colors:

- Lip Mask, Agave: My #1 favorite product they sell. A blend of organic agave nectar, jojoba oil, vanilla extract + triple the amount of  the same antioxidants found in red wine. You leave it on and can wear under or over lipstick. 

Best of all, they are a cruelty-free company (cruelty free brands are very few and far between). My “essential” colors are the high pigment pencils in Tannin, Grapevine and Tulip. Usually I don’t wear dark colors but they’re not to overpowering and don’t smudge and look messy. I also like that they’re both a pencil and lipstick in one. Their products are sold at Sephora or on Bite Beauty

Valentine’s Day Chocolates: Stella Leona

I think I’ve definitely passed on my love of chocolates to my daughter already! I can’t believe it’s already been one year since she was born and this will be our second Valentine’s Day together. Wow. It’s crazy that now she can actually pick up chocolates and eat them with me. This Valentine’s Day, my favorite chocolates are from Stella Leona. Chocolatier Nancy Bontrager grew up trying delicious European chocolates and began to create luscious chocolate creations for family and friends. Her passion eventually grew into her company, named after her family members.

Their signature Valentine’s Day box was devoured in less than an hour. It includes Cherries Jubilee – My personal favorite, a hand painted dark chocolate heart filled with delicious cherry preserves and a dark chocolate rum ganache
PB&J – a hand painted dark chocolate heart filled with black raspberry jelly and honey roasted crunchy peanut butter crafted right here in our kitchen. Key Lime – a hand painted dark chocolate heart filled with key lime white chocolate ganache.


The hand painted heart box is absolute perfection!!! It has a super glossy, hand painted finish so attractive it’s almost a shame to eat!!!The decadent dark chocolate heart comes filled with a Dark Chocolate Truffle surrounded by four brilliant Raspberry Dark Chocolate pieces. The satin smooth milk chocolate heart contains a luscious Dulce de Leche Caramel surrounded by four of our Honey Cinnamon truffles. Once your eyes have taken in the beauty of this heart-shaped box and the select presentation of its chocolate contents, your palate can indulge itself in the unforgettable, extraordinary taste.
The raspberry dark chocolate pieces are my next favorite after the cherries jubilee. I love the combination of rich slightly tart fruit with smooth dark chocolate. The worst part about these chocolates is trying to stick to eating just one!!!! Happy Valetine’s Day!! Xoxo check them out at

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs


You’ll Need:
Ground Turkey, 1lb
Garlic, 1tsp crushed
Italian Seasoning Blend, 1tsp
Panko Bread Crumbs, 1C
1 egg, whisked
1/4C fresh ricotta cheese
Fresh buffalo mozzarella, about 1C cut into tiny itty bitty cubes
Marinara Sauce (make your own with San Marzano tomatoes)
Spaghetti for serving (I use organic while wheat)
Parsley for garnish
Olive oil, for sautéing

*I never add Parmesan cheese to meatballs (makes them dry, don’t need the extra salt) I go for ricotta instead to keep a good texture and add flavor.

Make It:
Place the marinara to heat on a low simmer. Combine the ground turkey, seasonings, ricotta, egg and panko, mix but don’t over-mix. Use a cookie spoon to create even scoop sizes (very important so they cook evenly). Take a small mozzarella piece (smaller is better) fold it into the meatball. Roll right. When you’re nearly done rolling, start to heat your olive oil on medium high.

Place the meatballs into the pan and sear on both sides. Once cooked, add to the marinara to simmer. Serve on top of spaghetti with loads of fresh parsley. Enjoy 😍🍴xoxo


The Giving Keys, a holiday gift that gives back!


The Giving Keys started with a New York hotel room key. The Giving Keys founder, actress and singer/songwriter, Caitlin Crosby, wore the key as a necklace and had the idea to start engraving old, used keys with inspirational words. Realizing that in a way we are all like these keys – unique, flawed, scarred, and at risk of being discarded – she wanted these keys to have their purpose renewed over and over again. Their message is yours for a time, but once they’ve served their purpose with you, pay it forward to inspire another. Caitlin (of course anyone with this name is amazing to start…j/k) tells the story herself in Love is the Key!


Caitlin found the missing link on a rainy day when she saw Rob and Cera, a couple on Hollywood Blvd, sitting under an umbrella, and holding a sign that read Ugly, Broke, & Hungry. They went to dinner and Caitlin discovered that Cera made jewelry – this was the “a-ha” moment. Rob and Cera joined the team and started making Giving Keys the next day. Supporting this cause employs the homeless. Usually, I only support children’s charities, I know that sounds close-minded but I’m trying to expand my thoughts. I encourage you to try and do the same! It’s easy to say well they’re adults, responsible for their own life until you are put in their shoesm Working in H/R, I see firsthand how many people are passed off when trying to obtain employment because their credentials are slightly off (it’s very heartwarming when someone in HR reaches out to provide them with advice or fix their resume). Advice only goes so far and even though the economy has turned around, (I hate to say this) but it often more than not is timing and a referral. I hear stories of hardship from good, dedicated people deserving of a position. I love that The Giving Keys provides a path to self-sufficiency through jobs vs just throwing money around. Building skills and confidence are priceless.


Now that you know each of The Giving Keys were hand stamped with love, I hope their inspiring story inspires you not only to support their cause, but to also keep your eyes peeled for the next person who plays a part in that key’s journey!


“O” Olive Oils


O Olive Oils and Vinegars are my latest and greatest kitchen discovery! They are one of the few remaining vinegar makers in this country using the old world method of natural aging in wood barrels rather than mechanically force-aging the vinegars. Their flavored oils, are crushed with olives and citrus (as opposed to adding flavors or infusing after the pressing process). Above, are their oils in lemon and orange. I like the blood orange as a vinaigrette paired with a spinach salad, feta, red onions and vegetables. The lemon, is almost used up! I drizzle this on salmon before roasting, toss with orecchiette, broccolim, garlic & parmesan or use it on steamed veggies and salads. The perfect blend of Meyer lemons crushed with olives.


The champagne vinegar is crisp, light and dry and pairs perfect with fennel, lemon and herbs (great light side salad to go with pasta). The sherry vinegar is amazing in chicken marsala, one of my favorite things to make in the winter! The zinfandel is smoky with rich notes of lush cherry. It makes a fantastic Caesar Salad dressing or anything that calls for good quality red wine vinegar.


The fig vinegar is ripe, juicy and filled with sweetness. Prosciutto. Mozzarella. Roasted Peppers. Fleur de Sal. Fig Vinegar. Need I say more?! I’ve also reduced it to syrup and poured over chicken. For the first time, I also tried it on pure vanilla bean ice cream…phenomenal!  The cider vinegar pairs crisp apples with golden honey. I use cider vinegar in my water and tea, this is much better than the standard boring old ACV. Sparkling water and this apple cider vinegar is something I drink daily! With the orange blossom vinegar, I’ve made couscous   and halibut, roasted chicken with squash and a Chinese chicken salad. There are endless options for the perfect gift at O Olive Oil!